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Graduation Requirements

As a college preparatory academy, Casper Christian School follows the state’s diploma requirements, as well as positioning students to qualify for the highest level of the Hathaway Scholarship*.

A total of 27 Credits is required for Graduation from Casper Christian School.  At the High School level, this must include:

  • 4 Credits of Language Arts
  • 4 Credits of Mathematics (must include Alg I, Geometry, Alg II)
  • 4 Credits of Science
  • 3 Credits of Social Studies (must include Government & Econ)
  • 4 Credits of Bible (one credit per year of High School enrollment at CCS)
  • 1 Credit of Foreign Language
  • 1 Credit of Fine or Performing Arts (may need to be sequenced)
  • 1 Credit of PE or Athletics (a sport season = .25 credits)
  • 2 Credits from any Academic Elective

*The diploma plan above positions every student to qualify for every level of the Hathaway Scholarship. What level a student ultimately qualifies for is dependent upon overall GPA and ACT scores.