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College & Career Planning

Whether you plan to attend a 4-year university, a 2-year community college or head straight to the work field, it always helps to have a planned path that is well prayed over, asking God to lead you in His plans for your life.

Here are general steps that you should take toward your goals:

  1. Pray. God wants us to pray over the things that matter to us. He will lead our paths.
  2. Study and try hard in classes. Ask teachers for help. Create a study group. Find online resources such as videos or flashcards to help you understand.
  3. Be active in the community. Colleges and future bosses like this!
  4. Work on your Christ-like behavior. It will take you a long way in life!
  5. Work towards your goals. Set baby steps to get there and don’t forget about them!

Things to Accomplish by Year





ACT Dates 23-24

Useful Websites

College Planning

ACT.org – To take your ACT Test through Casper College

StudentAid.gov – to Fill out the FAFSA Form (Federal Aid)

KellyWalsh.org/resources/scholarship.pdf – local scholarships via KWHS

Scholarship.org – Nationwide scholarships 

HathawayScholarship.org/requirements/homeschool – Hathaway Scholarship – CCS is considered a homeschool entity since we are not a public school

CasperCollege.edu/admissions/types/high-school – BOCES Dual Enrollment contact & info

GCU.edu/individual-courses/dual-enrollment – Grand Canyon University Dual Enrollment


UWyo.edu – University of Wyoming

CasperCollege.edu – Casper College

Silvertip.CasperCollege.edu/student/courses – Casper College Classes

FrontierBible.org – Frontier School of the Bible – LaGrange, Wyoming

SummitCC.edu – Summit Bible College – Gering, Nebraska

JHBC.edu – Jackson Hole Bible College – Jackson Hole, Wyoming

ChristianConnector.com/ – Find other Christian Colleges

Intelligent.com/best-online-colleges/christian/ – Online Christian Colleges