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Items We Need

Donate Items Needed

Your donations of these items provide the tools and resources necessary to run the day to day operations of Casper Christian School. Purchasing items needed will help offset the cost of necessary items we must purchase, allowing more money to go toward the programs and services we provide.

Your gift matters! Thank you for supporting Casper Christian School.

Everyday Needs

      • Red and Blue Pens
      • Sticky Notes
      • Paper Clips
      • 1.5″ binders
      • Tape refills
      • Index Cards
      • Binder Clips
      • Expo Markers and Cleaner
      • Kleenex
      • Plates and Silverware

Teacher Support


      • Texas Instruments Nspire CS CAS Graphing Calculator
      • Math Compasses (10)



      • Rope Lighting
      • Power Strips
      • Extensions Cords
      • Acoustic Guitar Strings



      • Colored Pencils
      • Markers


Earth Science

      • Globes with contrast and latitude and longitude lines



      • Canon T6 or T7 camera with batteries, chargers and cases
      • 32G or higher SD cards (5 or more)
      • Ink for Canon Prixma MG 2522 Printer
      • 4×6 photo paper

Student Support

      • Tuition Assisstance

The items listed can be dropped off at Casper Christian School located at 411 S. Walsh Drive in the far east end of the building between 8-4pm Monday - Friday

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