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School Accreditation, Does it Matter?

School Accreditation, Does it Matter?

School accreditation is important to students, parents, and school staff. When a school seeks accreditation, it implies that the school is serious about improving the systems and policies of the organization. As a result, accreditation can ensure the mission and vision are the focus of the schools’ success. Parents and staff have a peace of mind knowing there are accountability measures in place.

You may be asking yourself, “is it necessary to pay extra for schooling through an organization that has secured their reputation through accreditation?” After all, tuition costs may differ through accredited schools. Paying tuition is an ongoing concern for parents. It’s important to understand accreditation and the importance of it, as parents seek to make the best decision for their students. 

What is Accreditation?

Accreditation is a status granted by an organization such as ACSI. The organization is authorized by state and national authorities to determine school eligibility. It is a highly prized designation that schools earn. As a result, schools are required to maintain proficiency to remain accredited. Why is it important?

Casper Christian School is a member of the Association of Christian Schools International. To learn more about accreditation and certification visit acsi.org.

Should every Christian School get accredited?

Becoming accredited is not as simple as signing up and paying annual registration fees. Schools are required to undergo a comprehensive process year after year to retain accreditations. Schools have to prove the capability of meeting the standards required to become accredited or certified. This is not a fast process. 

The purpose of school accreditation is to assists leaders with self-assessment and peer reviews to help the school fulfill the mission. Meeting academic standards is a key component to the accreditation process. In any case, not every Christian school needs to be accredited.

Each school should evaluate the need for accreditation. And, parents should make the best decision for their students.

How will a private school be measured?

  • Bible knowledge and Biblical Worldview
  • Academic Excellence
  • Application of practical life skills
  • Character building
  • Spiritual formation.

“The purpose of ACSI Certification is to strengthen Christian schools by credentialing educators who meet established professional and biblical requirements. ACSI Certification promotes continued professional learning and increased effectiveness. Establishing and maintaining the certification of staff and administration is an essential step toward professional credibility and growth. Education is a process. Just as we encourage our students to grow and become life–long learners, we want to set the same example as their teachers and leaders.”

Certified schools from a parents perspective

It’s no surprise that parents are concerned for the education and safety of their children. Knowing that the school has met the standards that will set their student up for success educationally is reassuring to parents.

Accreditation can reassure student families that the school has a plan in place to achieve its vision and attain its objectives.

Is Casper Christian School Accredited?

Casper Christian is a member of the Association of Christian Schools International. Casper Christian is currently seeking accreditation through ACSI. As a member of ACSI, required procedures will hold the organization accountable for fulfilling the mission and vision. Through assessment and evaluations, ASCI will determine the ability to receive accreditation upon evaluations of many things including student achievement.

It is not possible for the school to fulfill accreditation immediately. With that said, the school leaders have committed to the processes necessary to achieve this standard. It is a necessary step to the school’s sustainability.

Casper Christian School will partner with the home and church to provide Christ centered academic excellence. Thus, students who graduate from Casper Christian School, will be socially, academically, intellectually, and spiritually prepared to live and lead for the glory of God

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